And Neymar won the Gold Journalist? – 04/12/2018

The delivery of the Golden Ball is a ceremony to which each footballer aspires. There are the best in the world, but some stars that know they will not win, it's better to avoid it. This is the case of Neimar, who was not present Because he was broadcasting a game of Call of Duty!

New is a fan of video games, and on more than one occasion he has shown himself to play Counter Strike with professional gamers. This time, it was the turn of the latest Call of Duty (Black Ops 4), moreover a blueoutout mode. There is a modality similar to Fortnite or PubG: Some players appear on a huge map (they play alone or in teams), and they have to eliminate the rest until they are the only ones in the whole game.

No missed the Golden Ball for playing Call of Duty

The Brazilian set of tires of the shooter during the awards ceremony.

The forward is not alone, because He is accompanied by his comrades Markvinhos and Thiago Silva, and the professional gamers Hayashiy and AlanZoka, Also from Brazil.

The Black Ops is one of the soups of the moment, and this weekend will make its official presentation in Argentina: On 8 and 9 December, the ISURUS Gaming Series will be played at the Baires Esports Center. It will be the first contest of the title.

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