An Argentine won the Dakar and on the podium he asked his friend for marriage


The Cordovan was the protagonist of the Dakar not only because he was crowned champion in the ATV category but also because on the podium he was surprised by his partner's marriage.

Nicolas Kaviglyasa lived an unforgettable night. The Cordovan pilot was champion of the Dakar Rally 2019 and at the time of the coronation, he knelt in front of everyone to ask his bride for marriage. She, overwhelmed with emotion, accepted and kissed under the euphoria of those present.

The Argentine stood over, finishing in eight of the 10 contested stages and advancing more than an hour with its closest pursuer. At age 27, he is a crown in the category of Kuatrisiclos in his second part. His debut was last year, where he received an excellent second place and the best rookie race.

But last night he was not only celebrating his first position, but his wedding to his girlfriend Valentina. Romantic, when the young lady was ready to welcome and congratulate her, he removed it by kneeling and offered it before the presence of thousands of people attending the awards and who followed the competition on television.

In the four-wheel drive category at the Dakar Rally, there are already three Argentine riders with the title: Marcos Patronelli (2010, 2013 and 2016), Alejandro Patronelli (2011 and 2012) and now, Nicolás Cavigliasso.

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