An "anti-vaccine" journalist died of swine chronicle flu


A 26-year-old journalist who was struggling with the use of drugs, died of influenza in the United States. The deceased was considered a "Rising star" For the range Fox News.

Bre PaytonFrom 26 years of age onwards, last Friday, a flu flew and his death was a major controversy since being an activist who was pronounced against the vaccines and drugs.

Doctors diagnosed an image of meningitis because of the H1N1 flu, Dr. Swine flu, and despite these studies, rejected the vaccines, in addition, he wrote in his Twitter account a few years ago that the vaccines are. "The Devil."

These networks are filled with articles of farewell to the journalist but also a large controversy about the texts "Anti-vaccines" That the victim appeared. The young woman had almost 4,000 followers in her account Instagram

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