An accident at the Ministry of Security: he said that he met and tried to enter the armed forces


The man tried to enter the Ministry of Security of the People with Arms and was quickly returned by the staff of the national gendarmerie who guarded the building.

The event took place around 12.30 on Thursday at the headquarters of the portfolio, led by Patricia Bullrich, located on the Australian Gelly Avenue and Obes 2289 in the Buenos Aires area of ​​Recoleta.

The man came to the place with a bag and He said that the visit was an agreement on the cancellation of drug sales in his neighborhood.

When he went towards the main entrance, one of the gendarmes who protected the city noticed that the silhuet bag was similar to that of a firearm and warned his comrades. At that moment, the metal detector and firearm detector sounded.

At the opening of the bag, the agents spotted the gun (a 32-meter Tiver revolver) and when he requested the proper documentation, he showed that he did not have it. The suspect's intention to enter the Ministry of Security of Armed Forces is not yet known.

The man was transferred to the National Gendarmerie Investigation and Examination Division located in the Reniro Quarter in Buenos Aires and this Friday will testify before a judge.

Bullrich was not in the building, because he traveled for working reasons. However, when he became acquainted with the fact, he learned that the Minister congratulated the gentlemen for quick action.

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