Almost half of Argentines are taking medication alone


According to a study published by the University of Argentina de la Empresa (Uade) and the consultancy voices! 47% of people who used drugs during the last year were unauthorized Or medical prescription. These drugs with the highest consumption are analgesics and anti-inflammatory (used by six in 10 Argentine), followed by antibiotics (43%) and anti-flu drugs (35%).

"Self-medication is a massive practice in Argentina, Helps do it. Although many medications are over the counter, it is alarming to see the number of Argentines that are self-irresponsibly consuming, for example, antibiotics, non-prescription or non-prescription sleeping pills, "alerted the Executive Director of Wishes!"

Uda's academic secretary, Andreus Cuesta, has agreed and noted that self-medication constitutes "A real public health problem"As the World Health Organization (WHO) points out, the" undesirable and unnecessary use "of antibiotics (both in humans and animals) is a" threat to public health that generates an acceleration of resistance and makes treatment of many infections. "

"Prolonged hospital stays, increasing medical costs and increasing mortality"He warned. The study also showed that low-consumption drugs are sleeping pills, travelers, anxiolytics and antidepressants, which represent a personal use that ranges between 7% and 3% last year and between 4% and 2%. For the last 30 days.

Likewise, laxatives were last in consumption, with 2% in last year and 1% in last month. "Tranquilizers, sleeping pills and anxiolytics represent a greater use among Argentine age 50 (12%, 9% and 5% respectively), as well as high blood pressure and cholesterol drugs (33% and 18%", details of the investigation). .

The nervous system and cholesterol or hypertension-specific medications "are consumed mainly by the recommendation", while "Only half of the citizens take antasodes, anti-flu or analgesics in the direction of a professional"They said.

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