All the photos of the amazing wedding

During the celebration, the bride and groom made sure that both families feel comfortable and that all customs and traditions are respected.

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"One of the most special things that our relationship gave us the fusion of families that love and respect each other in their beliefs and culture. For this reason, planning our wedding with a fusion of both was so incredible, "the boyfriend told his profile. InstagramWhere he shared photos and videos of his wedding.

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There he highlighted the ceremony of the Mehndi, the medieval art of decorating part of the body of the bride with henna: "Once again we made it to ourselves and it was an afternoon that started celebrations in the way we both dreamed"Nick said.

Prior to that, one has described some of the moments of the wedding, the union of both families and both agreed to be grateful for everything that happened:It all began as a fierce song and dance competition among families, but it ended, as always, as a great celebration of love ".

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"Nick and I were waiting for the Sangeet (musical evening), another ritual before the wedding … and see what they have put on each side and what a show. Every family tells our stories by songs and dances, full of laughter and love. We are both thankful for the love, the love and the laugh and the will. I will carry the memories of this special night for the rest of our lives. It is an incredible start for a lifetime of coincident for our families and friends, "said the former Miss Universe.

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