All I want for Christmas is a telescope


A Christmas comet will be grabbing our skies on December 16th

Space will be celebrated Christmas a little earlier this year with a "Christmas Comet." And no, that does not mean comet the reindeer is going to pay us a free visit.

The comet, which is named 46 p / virtades, will celebrate our Heaven in the evening of December 16, early morning of December 17th in the Aedt time zone.

Why is this comet such a special event? Well, in addition to its appearance so close to Christmas, it will also be the tenth closest comet to meet in 70 years. But do not worry, it will not come to the ground … probably. It is 11,500,000 kilometers away.

According to the ABC, "the comet, including its diffusing halo of light, is about the size of the full moon."

"You should be able to see it by binoculars or using a standard DSLR camera if you are away from bright city lights." But even better news, you'll be able to see it from somewhere in Australia.

No word yet if it's actually Santa claws flying through the sky. Or perhaps even the same "star" the three wise men followed to Jerusalem for the birth of Jesus. Okay, it's fine, it's just a comet.

Now with a Christmas-based comet on us, what other holiday-theme events may be in our future? An Easter Eclipse? A Cyber ​​Monday Metter Shower? A Queen's Birthday Black Hole?

Watch the place … or just watch space.

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