Alert In The South: Suspect that the handa virus was mutated and would be much more aggressive – 01/04/2015


The Mountain Range doctors cannot say this about official roads, but among the professionals the suspicion grows that the virus of the Hanna, who has left 16 people at a rate of 6, may have mutated with respect to the former. Caused the outbreak of 1996.

This virus would be more aggressive and expand more easily.

On what do you base your fear? There have been no conclusive studies since medical science is operating on recent facts. It is estimated that the Malbran Institute in Buenos Aires will have preliminary reports In one or two months, it will be determined if the virus evolved.

Meanwhile, the doctors observe that there are elements for this Believing that the contagios are concrete to man while they are talking. This would signify a change in nature in the virus that historically is effectively in closed environments where there is no urine from a carrier rodent. The existing literature indicates that the presence of sun rays or disinfectant liquids destroys the presence of the virus.

While the transmission between people does not touch, but keeps close – a dialogue, for example – is a less common and very vurisome situation. If new infections arise in the next few days, the theory that the virus became more aggressive would be consolidated. In this case, professionals Theorize, the hand of the nursing home would be traveling. The plot of an apocalyptic series by Netflix.

To date, the number of contractions remains at 16, the same in 1996 in the same area. Around 200 people remain in their homes in Epué (Chubut), The vast majority of relatives or friends of the first group of people are infected. They represent 10% of the population of this place.

You might find out ClarinPatient 0 was estimated to be a rural worker who was commissioned to clean a refuge that was unused for some time. The man would have left the door closed with all the sanitary recommendations made at Cordillera.

This man was one of those guests who attended a teenager's birthday on November 3rd, who turned 14 into a quincho in Epué. Medical sources say that 5 and 8 people are infected in the same place. The others became infected in regular encounters in other houses.

The Chututus Authorities Set Up A Diagram Accessible to the Journal, in which the evolution of patient 0-16 cases was detailed. The outbreak is, according to the graph, Patient 0 at the party.

"Which is striking is the virulence or the force of the virus to be transmitted from person to person. Here's something else: an index case and a contraction of man to man, "Leonardo Gil, director of the hospital in Bariloch, told a press conference.. For his part, his colleague, the doctor Fernando Tortosa recalled that confirming the modification of behavior would require in-depth studies. "We are talking at the molecular level and that takes time." A 7-year-old boy from Epué, who was transferred from Esquel, remains in the hospital of this town. "He was improving, he was on his tenth day of hospitalization and he had moments of heat, but he was well on his way," Clarin said.

At the same health center, her mother was hospitalized, while her father was admitted to the Esquel hospital. They will be relatives of the teenager who died on December 3 at Epié.

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