Alberto Guida: "In the last three months, adjustments have not been significant"


Alberto Guida"President of the Argentine Chamber of Distributors and Wholesale Supermarkets (Cadam)," said that in the last three months the adjustments were not significant, specifying that "in the 2018 average, which is statistically real, is an average of about In addition, he referred to the impact of the new tariff increases on food prices.

In dialogue with The intransigenceGuido says Friday that "there is not a significant increase in the last three months," he said "The great price adjustment seen from April to July, gradually in different proportions". Then he said: "What can be changing prices around and part of what we will see this year, for example, is all that is increasing in services."

"For example, in the case of gas, the productive industry works the majority based on what are kilns and that has an impact on the price structure, the logistic deadline can be with the issue tolls … fuels for the moment it's more Or less stable, but in principle, what we think is the new year ahead is in the midst of the inflationary outlook, which speaks an average of 2 percent every month, "he explains.

"What will happen with food prices at the time when the new electricity and gas tariffs begin to apply?" Alberto Guido was asked next: "What happens is that Not all companies do it at the same time (…) The processes that each company fulfills based on its particular situation of product rotation, need for billing ".

He continued: "There are companies that have closed the financial year in December and are starting a new year. There are companies that are going too close at the end of June, with the position of business strategy of each company. Based on an outlook now, as long as there is no situation of devaluation as we live, I think that the price increase process will be gradually, differentiated by companies and by products, and will be aligned with the year ahead. It may be the expectation of inflation so far ".

Asked if consumers are increasingly turning to wholesalers for better prices, Kadam said: "I don't know if they go further, they have to keep buying their stuff … The general consumption for us fell by 2 percent in the year to the highest. In the last sixth, however, this is different from business designs, as the wholesale channel is the most noticeable self-service and it would seem that they are all wholesale self-services, but the wholesale services are no more than 30. , That's 35 percent of the wholesale structure … the rest is a sales and distribution team in local businesses.

"With the wholesale self-service, the consumer has approached the wholesale services over the last two years for a cost-benefit … that's still a constant, so they continue to validate that position and buy habits and self-sustainability. – Earnings wholesalers do not have a big drop, it depends on the business dynamics of each one, some more, some less, but they are stable, "he added.

In another part of the interview, Alberto Guido spoke about how he mentioned the panorama for his sector throughout the year: "I see An equally stable first semesterNow we have to see how the first sixth results were measured because if we measure the first quarter of this year's 2019 against the first quarter of 2018, there would be no doubt that it would have fallen significantly because of the first quarter of the year in which it went. I didn't have a negative scenario. "

"If we measure the quarter by 2019 against the results of the last quarter of 2018, I think it will have more positive results … on the other hand, this is the first time I understand that the income of all that Is the collection of grain sales, I think there are going to be some activities and some improvement … the issue of parity is also over, "he added.

And he closed: "I don't see a critical first semester, I would like to visualize a second time, more commercially critical, if the panorama of presidential election is upheld, (…) I believe that the risk of the electoral process is part of that context of uncertainty that generates business paralysis, where it does not characterize what the ultimate result and the way it can be taken generates some times of inward business ".

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