After the departure of "Cobito", Mattias Martin said that next year will be the last of "Basta de Toda" – 11/29/2018


Follow the novel Enough of everything (Monday to Friday, 13-17, by metro 95.1). Now, in the middle of a critique, he made his former partner Eduardo Cabito Massa Alcántara, Mattias Martin, the driver, He said that next year will be the last of the program.

"I wanted to say something," said Mathias, who was leading the cycle for 18 years.

A friendship that broke, that of Martin and Cabito.

A friendship that broke, that of Martin and Cabito.

"I care for a lot, cobito I was never indifferent to his situation (he placed a gastric bypass and went from weighing 180 kilos to 84 in 7 months). There are whatsapp dialogs, the capture of my diaries with your doctor ", He added.

Then, he confirmed the reasons for Cubito's opposition from his program. "The modifications do not respond to personal issues, but to artistic questions. And they are clarified face to face. "

Martin's Cass It has to do with what Cobito did not say to be listening Enough of everything, But he wrote a post on Instagram and talked to him Pamela in the afternoon (America, Monday to Friday at 15.30).

"Choosing an Instagram post and a TV show is a difficult decision for me to understand", Followed by Matias.

"There is no fight here, there was never … It's too painful for me," he confessed.

"I came to think about finishing this program this year, next month. It's the end of Basta& # 39; I told everyone looking at their eyes. But I can solve it in another way, and that the program is reinvigorated. This closure may be the fuel that gives us the necessary strength to face another year of the program. "

And he concluded:May 2019 is the last year of Enough of everythingOf my beloved Enough of everything … ".

Cabito spoke after his disguise of "Basta de Toda" (Captura TV).

Cabito spoke after his disguise of "Basta de Toda" (Captura TV).

The novel began on Monday. Martin was given a story that surprised all the listeners: the disguise of Eduardo Cabito Massa Alcántara.

"Cobito is not going to continue … It's a painful decision that I take over as the driver of the program, the group and the team," said Mathias, who did not give a specific explanation of the departure of the historic member , Except that the program "needs a change" and that "I had some specific problems."

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This is the best way I found to be goodbye to you. On Monday in the program, I was offered to do it on the air, and I was gorgeous that this is the way with those who follow me or those who want to read. First of all, my eternal gratitude for listening to you, which paid my salary and caring the soul with every greeting, every photo, every comment about the laughter or how the mood changes in hard moments. They are my daily motor, my reason and a fundamental part of my passion for the environment. I can not but be grateful for all the articles of love, respect, and solidarity that I received the two days (from friends, colleagues of other radio applications, from their drivers, from RHRA, business, clients and sponsors who are They became friends and soldiers, quietly listening) answer each and every one of them, with a piece of throat. It is very painful to me this situation to leave a job that I love for more than 15 years and more than 18 in the society. Work that gave me a lot and to which I also gave a lot. But that's it, a job. It's not a wedding or a club of friends. And in a job when you are useful or functional, you are partially and when you stop, they invite you to retire. And it's okay, so be it. I know I'm in debt to you that this year I did not make it so much, it was a very complicated year for me, who started with my grandmother's death (a woman who had risen up with my separation after 8 Years) I'm affecting my mood remarkably and hurt my job. Imagine the situation of a bank manager, he does not care what happens in your house, he judges your performance x is a job and it also. Also, many months ago I had informed that at the end of the year my part in the program was finished, there was no doubt that my mood changed. First, it is going to end at the end of the year, after the end of November and then asked me to be on Friday when the party ended, so I did not go to stage to jump and dance with the group of the program , Given that they were celebrated and my hands were empty as my heart, I thought I had nothing to celebrate. Follow …

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Thanks to the support of his listeners, Cabito on his Instagram said: "It is very painful for me to get this job to work for more than 15 years and more than 18 in the society. "And then he leaves behind the reasons for his departure:" But this is a job, it's not a wedding, not a club of friends, and at work when you're useful or functional, you are Someone and when you stop, they are encouraged to retire, and that's fine. "

He also apologized for "how dull" he was in the last time because of his health problems and his final separation.

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