After the decision of the conmebol, Makry thinks about the superclassic

"What happened is to lead us to a deep reflection and what is to be the last time something like this is," I assure Mauricio Macri When referring to the decision of the Conmebol About the future of Superclassic Of the Libertadores Cup, Which will finally be played in the stadium Real madrid, In Spain. And he emphasized: "The barrels do not have the level of relation with the policy they have of this Kirchnerism"

Less than a week after the River Plate and Boca Juniors meet again in the final of the Copa Libertadores de América, at the Sagana Bernabu Stadium, Makry said: "What happened to lead us to a deep reflection, and that it is To be the last time something that happened to us is that an international authority in our field, such as football, tells us: You're not going to organize this last, because there is not even one Argentinean, it's two Argentineans. "

"What I ask is that we reflect and I am glad that it has led to the policy to accept the law against the bars, after two and a half years, and it is also deeper, because the decision taken by the most important leader From World Football, I think a lot, "said the president," it is unacceptable for someone to throw a stone, but it's more powerful for someone to spit in your face than someone who throws a stone at you from a distance, Without taking charge of who can reach you Hit. "

Meanwhile, when talking about what happened during the transfer of the players Xenizes, the head of state said: "The security chief said that the operation could have been better, but I also challenged the issue. Porta Médaro, we can not mediate the whole city for a TV show. "

"What we need to have is a company that can enjoy the conviction of the one who is violent, which is where we have different the same or worse than any security operation we want to discuss, because if we have arrested 23 people The violent acts and hours go out, this does not happen anymore, "stressed the president.

So he pointed out to the justice and said, "We have to repeat what's happening to us that we can not condemn those who hold the lives of others." The city of Buenos Aires has much to improve its judicial system, because I went back to the ones we stopped by the 20th. "Even the former administration said:" Kurdishism has brought before and after. The bars do not have the level of relevance to the policy that they have from Kirchner. "

"I've seen the way to handle a bar before and after the kernelism." "It's a need to separate from this bar." With the law, those who together with the bar, being of sports policy, are going to be condemned. There is no room for interpretation anymore, everyone will need to collaborate on the situation and never again use policy for mobilization and for the taking of the street to the "Barrass Bravas", as they are used in the government. It was very serious, "he said .

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