After the announcement of IPF, Shell also reported that it slows down the prices of his Naftha

After yesterday's YAPF price low announcement, Now Shell also reported an average of 1.5% in its nightshafts and "to maintain competitiveness in the marketplace."

According to Raizen, the mother company of the brand at the local level, the new prices are: VPower $ 43.99, super $ 37.99 (both lowered) and VPDiesel $ 41.98 and diesel formula $ 35.98 (both with increased).

Axion, the oil company of the Family Bullheron, has not yet announced its position in the flesh context. "We are analyzing the market, it is speaking of crude oil falling and the dollar being stabilized, but diesel oil goes up and gasoline prices are just a few cents," they say at the company.

This domino, YPF has announced a drop in the prices of its fuels as of Monday, December 3. It will be 1% in the Super Naphtha and 1.5% in Infinity. In addition, diesel in its two versions will rise by 3% on the average.

Thus, the course chart will be as follows: The super naphtha will go from $ 37.59 to $ 37.21; Infinite will go from $ 44.01 to $ 43.35; Diesel 500 from $ 33.76 to $ 34.84; And Infinia diesel from $ 39.67 to $ 40.86.

So far this year, fuels increased 13 times, an accumulated of 64.75%, 40% higher inflation.

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