After nine years, a well-known couple confirmed their marriage


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May 10, 2019

He, one of the leading men of the moment, revealed the romantic way in which he proposed marriage to his future wife and how you reacted.

Gonzalo Heredia invited Brenda Gandini for marriage

Protagonist of Argentina, country of love and revenge, Gonzalo Heredia Enjoy a great professional moment, but also crown him with a personal event. The actor confirmed that he will marry Brenda Gandini Nine years of relationship and two children in common.

In an interview for the magazine People, Heredia He tells how he asked his future wife to marry when they were vacationing on a beach in Mexico with the little ones. Eluy And Alfonsina.

Gonzalo Heredia invited Brenda Gandini for marriage 2
Publication of Brenda Gandini. (Photo: Instagram @ brendagandinyok)

Although he said he never wanted or fantasized about the marriage, the actor began his story: "We were planning a trip to Costa Mujeres for November 2018 and it was the ideal setting for a great time. I thought:" I could be fine "and I bought these rings".He counted.

"Once there and in compliments with the people of the hotel, we prepared the scene with date and time. I was so nervous that I woke up very seriously that day. & # 39; What is wrong with it? & # 39; Brenda asked. & # 39; something is wrong with you! & # 39; He insisted. I tried to camouflage the comment: "Ah … this afternoon, maybe the hotel will take the lead in doing some activities". I'm so moronic! And the more intuitive it is lit up; I saw it in his eyes. I said, "Well, I don't know." Put on a white dress or something that looks like it. At 4 o'clock the little boat passes, "he continued with the story.

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Subsequently, the actor recalled every moment in that romantic moment he chose to marry Gandini: "After a moment I watched the Guitarist start. When the girl played the first chord of our song, Brenda took a deep breath of surprise, as if screaming inward … And it was as powerful as when I saw my children born, that expression of animal and magic. "

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"I can't talk anymore. It was impossible to stop the emotion. I took the rings and asked the question. I don't know what I said. Because in the moment a cataract of images of our history has disappeared"He finished Heredia And confirmed that The wedding will be in February next year.

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