Advances in the UK the idea of ​​expanding change, despite the resistance of the Casa Rosada – 10/05/2019


It was a very brief meeting on Thursday, because of the attack on the Radical Deputy Hector Olivera and the murder of the official Miguel Yad. There was no need to debate the date and place of the National Convention Convocation: The UK's driving table was set for Monday, May 27 at Parkve Nort, as Clarin had anticipated.

Of course, the internal debate promises to explode in the same Buenos Aires party where the centenary party Must decide if it is changing And, in this case, what will be the conditions that it will try to negotiate with its partners in the Pro and Civil Coalition.

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The National Committee President, Alfredo Cornejo, He made his point of making his own proposal to extend the way to the alternative PJ he had thrown into the ring. Martin Losea, eThe Deputy of Radical Evolution that Sometimes poses as an official and other opposition.

The governor of Mendoza has shown that he will return to try to cause the idea of ​​a document that he will try to turn into the flag that defines the 347 conventional. It is estimated that he will also seek to negotiate a bridge with the Pro. In their environment, they believe that the rejection of the enlargement – in which the Casa Rosada and the alternate PJ coincide. It may be compensated for by opening the discussion about the formula.

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The president is afraid to get Maki into the candidacy for him Maria Eugenia Vidal Or a Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, In case the police continue putting it to shoot from defeat. Or at least give an elementary to Lostea, who in this case will wear extra clothes change.

This is to say that the alliance would be expanded according to the criterion that would try to sell the party leadership. Cornejo has the support of Enrique "Koti" nosiglya, The operator operator who owns a part of delegates and boasts of being the political godfather of Loweea with another Buenos Aires leader, Emiliano Yacobitti.

It will have the resistance "Yellows", That with Gerardo Morales In the head, they decided to assist with the alignment with the President, in exchange for the UK's greater involvement in these decisions.

The governor of Juji dragged among the usual ones from the north. To all this, almost no one believes that Makriy offers radicalism the candidacy of vice. "We don't want another cobos" They say at the cabinet head, Marcos Peña.

A minority sector among the delegates, however Of unpredictable scope between radical voters – In those disinherited with the government, the one they lead is Ricardo Alfonsín and Federico Storani. Although they will say that the convention approves of a "front superior", they have already named their candidate: Roberto Lavagna. They would deliver for an incredible declaration of "Freedom of action".

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This group will have another stumble. The president of the convention, Jorge Sappia, Who responds, travels in Europe and will not return on time. The session will be in charge of Austin Campero, A national official and loyal to Ernesto Sanz, Now become a genuine cornishist.

In the last few hours the version of an agreement between the principal certificates to bring to the Unified Document Convention, in which differences in the economic direction of the government and the condition of change to, A renunciation of the alliance.

However, it will be necessary to wait as many chips will fly through the air after the explosion in Cordoba, a strategic district, after the defeat that is predicted in the provincial elections next Sunday and in which there will be two radical candidates because of it. The pressure of the pink one so Mario Negri and Ramón Mestre Do not restrict the candidacy in previous internal.

If this is the case, the conformation of A commission of "Notables" With a mandate to lead the National Committee on behalf of it An opening of the formula of change: either with an alternative candidate to Makri or with the permission to present at the radical binomial primaries. If any one of the options is accepted, the UKR will be left in an exit lane and will give free ranging to orders with different forces.

Of all the alternatives, the five delegates appointed by the National Committee to present with the voice and without the vote (since they are not conventional) will be exposed: Cornejo, Morales, Stories, the Centafia's Mayor José Corral And the former Buenos Aires deputy Rafael Pascual.

The issues that will be discussed at the Convention:

Alfredo Cornejo: expand Let & # 39; s change

The National Committee's proposal was made by Martin Loseau and now promises to be "Military" to try to turn it into a flag that unifies the party. It may get a majority, but it will be difficult to advance, due to the rejection of the Pro and Federal PJ. The option was to force Masri to go to primary versus Loseau, whom they would represent as an ally of combos..

Gerardo Morales: Unconditional Support for Makri

Judges and Vice-President of the National Committee is the one who heads the lot of radicals that do not discuss the candidacy of re-election for Makri. There is the reference to the fact that drags are more conventional, especially in the north. He could not escort Kornezo's idea of ​​replacing him with Vidal and having a pending account with Lavagna, of which he was a move in 2007.

Federico Stage: Build another front or freedom of action

The second vice president of the Ukr and former interior minister is a spokesman for the 2015 promoter wing, but is now leading critical regional policy along with Ricardo Alfonsin. They work for the candidacy of Lavagna and they want to approve the assembly of "a higher front" or at least a gratitude to action. They know they are a minority.

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