Add Christmas Products to the Cost Prices Program


The program will be expanded in this way Fifteen items in a gondola, that Added to the list of 38 products that also updated their prices by 3.8%. They include nougat, podding, provints, peanut dessert, cedar and wines at prices lower than the market average.

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The list has Four products of the Christmas basket below $ 30: A packet of peanut garages costs between $ 17 and $ 18, while peanut nougat of 70 grams between $ 16 and $ 16.50.

In addition, a 400 grams of sweet bread is worth $ 75, while a 190 grams of fruitless pudding costs $ 30. A 290 grams peanut Dessert comes out $ 69 and a 90 grams of almond nougat is worth $ 69.

The Traditional peanut-marmalade dessert which is usually consumed for that period of year is priced at $ 45.65 in the 110-gram package. In addition, a half-soft nougat with peanuts and almonds is added for $ 35.

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According to private studies, a family should have at least $ 4,150 to cover the expenses of a Christmas dinner, almost a 50% more expensive than in 2017.

About drinks, Sedders of different sizes and brands of between $ 31 and $ 58 are incorporated along with two types of wine with a price of between $ 75.99 and $ 85.99 and Sweet champagne at $ 99.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Internal Trade noted that together with the Argentine Chamber of the Toy Industry (CAIJ), it decided to launch the Incorporation of toys that can be bought at "affordable prices" in the more than 2,500 supermarkets throughout the country.

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