Abuse in the casino and another viral complaint, the other cases facing "The Bankfield control" – 04/12/2018

Rodrigo Eguillor was about to leave the country. But it was recognized by a journalist producer who was in Ezya covering the departure of the rivers of the River and Boca. The producer said the PSA, the inquiries were made and everything that happened happened: The 24-year-old approached by the journalists, mounted a show at the airport hall and the police, first delayed him, and then prevented him from To leave the country.

In principle, the cause has to do with a video in which he saw a girl on a balcony in San Telmo. For which alleged case of abuse, The son of the Fiscal of Legitimate Judaism, Paula Martins Castro, was donated and it was an open cause. But after noon, the same PSA warned him that he could not leave the country, because the boy who studied law would go to trial for sexual abuse on April 22, 2016, according to the alleged victim, committed against a casino worker Puerto Madero

And in the afternoon, the end of the day, another fall is added. The PSA moved it to Esteban Echeverría To be notified about another cause of abuse. The new case has led her to a young woman who has committed herself to her harassment, and Eulylor has pointed out that the continuation of the ban continues.

It was posted on November 30 and went to UFI No. 3 of Esteban Echeverría. The young woman was one of the first to spread one of the statements against Eguillor in social networks. That sentiment is shared by celebrities such as Florencea torrent, actress, daughter of Arareli Gonzalez. The posts are wired: they have more than 150 my views.

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