A truck collapsed on a bridge on route 2 and there were delays on the way to the beach – 05/01/2019


The first Saturday of the summer season, delays for those traveling to the Atlantic coast on Route 2 have begun? A section of a pedestrian bridge collapsed after being hit by a cargo Carried a large load. The incident, however, did not cause injuries Caused long lines of cars At the hand of Mar del Plata.

The episode occurred shortly before 7 am in the morning In Cyprus 44, at the height of the neighborhood El Peligro. At this time, the route is registered Great flow of traffic. Although in principle the authorities decided to totally cut off traffic and divert motorists on route 36, then They enabled a trail For the passage of vehicles.

"A very high truck passed through us and." Hooked the bridge"A motorist on the Twitter social network," said Aubasa, the provincial company that manages route 2, they registered Rows of up to six kilometers In the vicinity of the incident. After 10am, once part of the bridge structure was removed, circulation was normalized.

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