A teenager died in chubut and they suspect that it was a case of handavirus

A 14-year-old teenager died on Sunday in the city of Epué, in Chubut, and doctors They suspect that it was because of the handavirus. To confirm this, they are waiting for the results of the samples sent to the Carlos Malborne Institute in Buenos Aires.

In addition, the authorities have noted that There are five suspected cases More than they are served in escrow. From the local health programmer they clarified that one was confirmed and the patient recovered. The rest remains in evaluation and expect the analyzes to know if they have contracted the virus.

The Associate's director of EPoy, Jorge Elías, noted that three of the men are "intensive care in hospitalized" and they do not belong to the same family group.

The teenager who died, also from the shubut city, entered the zonal hospital A severe digestive image. The causes of the causes of his death will take a few days.

As handavirus is spread

The handavirus is transmitted By the rodents known as "Colylergos", A wild species that is due to climatic changes and reigns nearer and closer to urban areas.

The infected mouse eliminates the virus urine, feces and saliva. The person is transmitted through the respiratory route. The main symptoms are heat, chills, muscle pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea, among others.

Prevention measures

– Avoid coexistence with rodents and contact with their secretions.

– Prevent rodents from entering or making nests in homes.

– Cover holes in walls, walls and pipes, maintain hygiene with water and bleach, space gardens and firewood more than 30 meters from the houses, cut grass and weed up to a radius of 30 meters around the home. Moisten the floor before sweeping to avoid dust.

– Ventilation at least 30 minutes before entering places that are closed (houses, sheds). Cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief before coming.

– Perform the cleaning (floors, tables, drawers and toiletries) with one part of bleach every ten of the water (leave 30 minutes and then rinse). Moisten the floor before sweeping to avoid dust.

– When camping do away with weeds and damps, do not sleep directly on the ground and consume drinking water.

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