A policeman killed a motorcycle that attacked him with a toy weapon – 12/04/2015

It is a case that can be a joy in the new regulation for the agents of the Federal Security Forces, but that involved a Buenos Aires policeman.

It was on Saturday night at the Panoramicana Highway Collection, in Manuela Alberti, Pilar's party. There, two agents were assaulted by two motorcycles, One of them with a toy weapon. Everything ended with a criminal death.

According to Police Sources, two members of the Patrol Command of Malvinas Argentinas are in a private vehicle parked on the shoulder of the highway, in nearly 39, when they were surprised by two motorcycle thieves who tried to regret them.

The agents They are frank but dressed in their uniform Because they worked during the day and responded by identifying themselves as a police officer. According to their testimonies, when noticing that the criminals did not wear, they opened fire with their regulatory weapons.

One of the motorcycles was struck by a bullet and died on the spot. He was identified as Michel Mendoza, 24 years old, and was born of Pablo Nogués. The others managed to get on the bike and escape.

Therefore, while the skills were being carried out in this place, the investigators found a black plastic gun next to the body of the dealing quantum. There was a 9 milliliter replica.

Explore the facts by the Prosecutor Andres Quintana, from the UFI 2 from Pilar, who ordered that the skills were done by Gendarmerie.

The new regulation, which was conducted on Monday for the federal security forces, takes into account the cases.

"The replica is only known to be repeated once the event happened. If a criminal or a murderer goes to a repetition of a weapon, he will have to know that if he is preparing for a policeman, the police do not know if he is a replica or not and he has to play, "Security Minister Patricia Bullrich emphasized yesterday.

The National Official clarifies that she will ask all the provincial police to use the same regulations and argue that prosecutors and judges will now have "a clear and straightforward regulation for all" to be able to make.

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