A pedestrian bridge collapsed on route 2: there are several kilometers of delay


In the middle of the weekend, with a deep passage to the Atlantic Coast, a large truck traveling on route 2, at the height of the city of El Pato, hit a pedestrian bridge when trying to pass it. And it completely collapsed.

The event, which came in 44, shows significant delays on the highway, some of which have already been recorded.

Aubasa was informed that "both hands are reduced by road incident" and that "traffic is diverted by Collector Street in El Peligro area".

A motorist who was circulating there, told her Twitter account that she was saved by a miracle: "A pedestrian bridge was just a few meters away from us." We sat for nothing #Ruta2, "said Denis @Valavabren.

The user reported that the incident "just started 2" occurred and described the reasons for the collapse: "A truck spent very high next to us and hooked the bridge."

This was the pedestrian bridge before collapsing:

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