A new video appeared for Ari Paluch and the journalist returned to defend – 01/18/2015


The program The angels of the morning (El Trece, 10.30) published a new video showing unpublished images of the harassment of Ari Paluch (56) to Ariana Charrúa, a channel 24 channel microphoneist. Between the journalist and the body of the microphone.

In October 2017, a major scandal broke out around Paluch: 24-year-old Micronesia, Irruda Karrua, told the A24 authorities for sexual harassment and the canal dissociated him from the coverage of elections and then took him off the air.

But the controversy didn't end there. A few days later, two other ex-workmen appear, who also denounced him for harassment: Verónica Albanese and Federica Guibelalde.

After all, the driver not only ran out of TV, but despite attempts to continue, he also ran out of his historical program The juicer Late at the end of the year, with Latina, along with the deal.

After a scandal, a few days later, a video came out of a confused plane, in which it was not clear the contact between Paluch and Charrua. However, more than a year later, the cycle of Ángel De Brito brought out the new images, with another focus of the moment.

"He saw a shot that was confusing, but in the video it is clearly seen, it is Ariana next to him and another person and when he leaves, it's the queue that is clearly seen, because the other plane is Was confused and was behind, "described the Brito, presenting the video.

In the same way, the panelist Mariana Brown added: "This is clearly a video that shows a reality of a particular moment, but what has been denounced is not just the fact, but still a situation that has to do with a fellow I work with. Whom she lived this kind of situation practically every day ".

After showing the new episode of the episode, Brito presented a brief hand to hand with his cycle with Paluch. And there, the journalist and driver accused of sexual harassment again made a denial and insisted that it was an unintentional act.

"I am clear about what happened this day, I respect your concern, but I have nothing else to do, everything I had to say at the time I said," said Paluch, in a dialogue with the lamb reporter.

And he closed: "What you've done, you always have to apologize for what you don't, I'll never be victimized, you have to maintain the circumstances that go through it, there are illegal situations and there are situations that need to be addressed. Corrected, I'm in that, correcting what I'm doing wrong and ratifying what I'm doing well. "

It should be remembered in November 2018, after almost a year without air, Ari Pluch returned to driving The juicer, Your radio show. The journalist was left without his historic position as a result of the complaints he had received for sexual harassment.

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