A neighbor supported the version of Christie Levshetti

After that Cristian Lucchetti Denied having angry or physically attached a neighbor of his (Analía of the Zermoglio Valley) And his children, a neighbor who climbed to see the whole situation, buckled the version of the athletic goalkeeper.

"I was going to go with my partner and in the area of ​​the Alpa Sumy Palace I saw as a white van and a colored car stopped. A man got down to talk to the truck and when I knew it was Luckety, I came to see, "he assured LG Deportiva Alejandro Fernández, A neighbor of the zone domiciled in the Buenos Aires Street to 2,000.

"Luckily asked the lady in a good way to try to educate her children better because they insulted him, he never touched her." Even so, she began screaming and I tried to rape her, "said Fernandez, a 51-year-old Retired police officer.

"If Justin me as a witness, I'll be there," he concluded.

Zemmoglio, neighbor of the Yerba Buena Golf Country, was released on Saturday night at the police station to condemn the goalkeeper. As he relates, he left in his truck with his children for Solano Vera when they met Luchetti. He said that the boys, aged 11 and 13, were throwing a san martin shirt out of the window in the celebration when, according to the complaint, they were intercepted by a red car that the sportsman came down and ordered to scream.

"I never tried to hit anyone, I read the complaint and the woman says that I said" I'm going to make you hit, "and that's a very tukuman terminology, a phrase That I would never say, "Luckily defended.

"Get off, I'm going to make you shit shriek, I'm going to kill you, get off fucking shit," shouted the archer, according to the story of the woman. It was when the people who were in the room interrupted and asked him to calm down, and then retired in the same vehicle.

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