A & nbsp; & nbsp; Space Gas Station & Nbsp; For satellites will be brought into orbit

Place fuel shows a lot and the more it shows an object, the more expensive it gets to put it in orbit. With these disadvantages, the scientists have projected several generations of subdivisions without engaging or propelling tanks.

There was a practice of putting in orbit the most important devices, such as the International Space Station, by the engines of fairies and ships. Without this operation, the force of gravity attracts all the objects that orbits it to the ground.

However, the young company Orbit Fab, based in Silicon Valley (California, USA) has designed a system that will allow Fuel the satellites of the future And do it directly in the orbit. According to the Middle Technology Review, a middle of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, there is a brand of "gas station in place."

Module for water tests

Judging from the public, the elder Problems for this service They are the microprocessor, which prevents the liquid fuel in the satellite exactly as it is done on the surface of the planet, and added difficulty: "It's more complicated to measure the fluids."

An experimental module designed to analyze the nature of liquids in space and learn to efficiently pour fuel Is ready for tests. There is a system of valves between two tanks that at the moment just fill with water.

The developer is preferable to set it to the test within the International Space Station. The device is already part of the Spacex Dragon Cargo which is ready at Cape Canal. The takeoff was scheduled for Tuesday, but had postponed Wednesday due to a routine problem.

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