A former citizen may be the nexus between drug traffickers and a federal judge


Federico Sebastián Marín, Known as Morenita, He was one of the most wanted physiotherapists in the country. Until the day of his captivity, on October 12th, Ministry of Security of the Nation Offered a payment of 1,500,000 pesos for data on its heathabats. In the house where he was caught, his wife, Maria Lurdes Alagre, Service House Arrest.

It was not the first time that Morenita took such a risk for her partner: two years earlier, on September 8, 2016, led by the former mayor of Empedrado Wan Manuel Faraone, Arrived at the residence of the federal judge Carlos Soto Davila To ask the freedom of allegories.

The holders of the federal court No. 1 of Corrigenes and the Narco – which has been hoping since 2015 to be the leader of one of the three organizations that provides drugs to the monos – They have been engaging in all kinds of negotiations through emissaries, including the former headquarters, in order to receive favorable resolutions in exchange for gifts that have been severely affected, in general between 30 and 40,000 pesos.

On this day, Morena did not leave the vehicle. It would be pharaoh who, meeting in the judge's house, tried to reach an agreement.

By favorable resolutions it suspected that they paid the judge between 30 and 40,000 pesos

This was stated by a reporter who gave his testimony to Sapucay, the cause of Series Torres, Holder of the federal court No. 12, collapsing a narco structure that worked in Itatí, with the complexity of local political and judicial power, although the plot goes beyond the limits of the border town with Paraguay and escalates the power of Corrigenes .

The tests. Telephone conversations that appear in the file – in which prosecutors participate Carlos Stornelli, Flavio Ferrini, Carlos Schaefer And the prosecutor team, led by Diego Iglesias– The positioning of the Narco-trafficker's mobile phone, and the outcome of presidential situation aggression corollary – for the investigations – The Reincent Version: "Ferona is a man who came to Soto Dávila; He assured me that he would "fix" so that Lorens would be free, because he had done so several times. That was known, everyone knew of the relationship between Farao and Soto Davila, "The Relentant said:For Soto Dávila to give someone the freedom they have to pay"Then he explained how was the conversation between the first mayor and the judge:Feraone called him and said, 'I got a golden brown and I want to invite her.' This was the way they had to know that they were talking about a "arrangement," a business with a reason, this time lurdes to leave"

The call exists and appears in the file: it lasted 138 seconds. An hour and a half later, Marin sent a message to one of his lawyers who also acted as a lobbyist in the card. "I left and I did not go down. There is a white target and a black duster. I came, excuse me, I went with a friend of my political"The mobile phone used by the Narco punch in the area of ​​the judge.

In his statement, the reporter pointed out that the people in charge of the Correntes Court demanded Moreno 280,000 pesos for the freedom of Alegre. But the fugitive has difficulty collecting the money so the delay is expanded for more than two years: from July 28, 2016 to November 7, 2018, without its procedural situation being solved by Soto Davila.

Soto Davila must appear tomorrow in Comodoro PI to be investigated

In October, armed with a 9-millimeter pistol, Morenita pre-emined to face the twenty jandars that had the order to stop him. After hours of negotiation, the fugitive is still shouting for his delivery with Carlos Soto Dávila.

The judge could not hold the prosecution warrant from Buenos Aires, could not do something with the arrest of Feraone, captured in his home in the city of Corrigenes days later. Certainly, the circle is closed around it. Tomorrow it must be present to be invested in Comodoro PI. He will not be arrested, his privileges prevent him. Instead, you can return to work in your office while the Magistrary Council defines your future.

Explore trips and goods

Carlos Soto Dávila is designated as the head of an illegal organization that ordered bribes to guarantee impunity to groups of drug traffickers in the city of Itatí. The criminal group is also composed of its secretaries: Pablo Molina and Federico Grego, Which will have to explain, as the rest of the destinations, the trips and goods that they have acquired in their activity in the Correntres yard.

The investigators consider that they managed to prove the payment of bribes in ten concrete facts. The money that judicial officials would have asked, did not exceed, in general, the 40,000 pesos deduction for the 280,000 asked Federico "Morena" to marry for the freedom of his wife, and the payment of a million Carlos Casci "Bareiro, another Narco chief of Itatí.

A The difference between Soto Davila, Molina and Grau-Witth being kept – they were detained. It is the same reason why he was arrested, in 2017, the former Mayor of Itatí, "Roger", and his former vice-mayor, Fabio Aquino.

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