A Clarinet Clothes policeman shot a man in the star after seeing him stealing cables


December 9, 2018

The agent was in Kasadi, despite being told that the shot "escaped" him.

A police patrol arrested in the province Cordoba, After having killed a man with a shot in the forehead, still finding him with cables.

The victim of Víctor Rolando Sarria, 38, which some years ago arrived in the neighborhood of Ciudad Evita after being located with his family of the Villa Capullo de la Esperanza.

The tragic episode was transferred to the earlier hours of Saturday, when the police officer Sarria still found him, according to which the officer said, "Stealing cables."

After that, the corporations first Gustavo Fabián Rivero He was arrested after prosecutor Patricia García Ramírez demanded his arrest, and was charged with "Completed missions due to the use of a firearm and as a police officer"

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As published by the local newspaper The voice of the Interior, Sarria has a history of theft. Repair told his colleagues that this was when he was waiting for the group to go to work as an additional service in the Ciudad de Miuz Suazos treatment plant. And it was when he saw two people trying to steal cables from the train room.

After identifying himself as a policeman, one of the alleged thieves fled, but the other rushed to the police and a struggle insided. According to his story, the man wanted to snatch the gun and what was when the policeman hit him in the head, when The shot "escaped".

The main concerns in the investigation are not about the robbery itself, but the actions of the agent about his actions with the weapon before the offender.

All this takes place after the measure taken by Patricia Bullich and those Use of firearms For the Forces.

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