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December 1 mark the 30th anniversary of the commemoration of World AIDS Day. The UN-SIDA has proposed the global level for this opportunity to motivate "Know Your State," inviting all the people to be tested for HIV.

In 2017, there were almost 37 million people living with HIV in the world, the same year 1.8 million people contracted the infection and 940,000 people died. The motto for this motto is based on the fact that the World Health Organization has endorsed some time ago, the Prevention Strategy Worldwide called "90-90-90", originally designed by our Competition Professor Julio Montaner, which basically aims for the year 2020:
-90% of living people with HIV know their HIV status
About HIV.
-90% of people diagnosed with HIV have antiviral therapy
-90% of men receiving antiviral therapy have viral suppression.

To emphasize the importance of the behavior of preventative measures, the latest research is of course indicating that when patients with HIV were detected and treated properly, the possibility of transmitting these to their hetero or homosexual partners is literally "zero". But to get patients treated and with their virus unrecoverable, first you have to diagnose them (1 A 90 of the strategy).

In Argentina, 122,000 people suffer from HIV, but only 70% know it; This is what the smart "know your state" is also suitable for our country and our city.

Unfortunately, many obstacles continue to be hampering HIV test stigma and discrimination also persist and do not encourage people to perform tests, so patients are late when they suffer from the symptoms of the disease (AIDS), and unfortunately have infected others; In our city, the percentage of late patients reaches 30%.

HIV test testing programs should be expanded, and all sexually active people should be tested for HIV in the same way that they control cholesterol or blood glucose; But not too frightening, the vast majority
Of the tests will be negative (approximately 99.6%), that in our country the prevalence of HIV is low, and those who are positive will be offered very simple treatments that will remain clinical asymptomatic and not infect others.

Unfortunately, we can not forget that the usefulness of condom use has recently been asked, so we must answer once again and in a strict manner "that condoms are highly useful in preventing sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV." In addition, and in another Order, the use of the prololactics is a measure of proven effectiveness for preventing unwanted pregnancies.

In the presence of prevention, new data has been demonstrated to demonstrate the use of antiviral drugs in a preventive way for people who are not infected (pre-exposure to prophylaxis or "prop"), whose objective is that in the face of sexual relations with A person who has HIV infection, the person who does not have an HIV infection, can not be infected by taking a pill each day; This strategy has proved to be extremely useful in some groups at high risk of infection; It is still not implemented in ours

In terms of behavior for people infected with HIV are increasingly effective, with fewer side effects and many of them in a single pill.

Finally, the definitive control of infectious disease was achieved through a vaccine, as it was with fails and other infectious diseases; Although there are some investigations in progress, it can be anticipated that there will not be a vaccine available for HIV in the near future.

HIV infection was and will be "a viral and not a moral disease"; And therefore must be under the basic rules of medicine such as early diagnosis (knowledge of your state), access to treatments and education to the community on which preventive measures.

(*) Independent Secretary of Health of the Municipalities.

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