WATCH: Samsung is previewing a phone with a screen that folds like a book


Justin Denison, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics America Inc., held a new smartphone Infinity Flex on Wednesday, 7 November 2018, on Wednesday, 7 November 2018, at Samsung Electronics Co., Developers in San Francisco, California. Photographer: David Paul Morris / Bloomberg
INTERNATIONAL – Samsung Electronics Co. showed a new phone with a fold-away screen in which he offered to overcome the business of smartphones with black, shiny rectangles, which are increasingly similar.

At its San Francisco Software Developer Wednesday, the company reviewed what was called the Infinity Flex Display and announced new software to control the large phone. Developers will be able to create applications for a gadget that, like other Samsung phones, will be based on an Android operating system.

The South Korean technology giant did not tell when the device will sell, how much it will cost, or what the phone will call. During the presentation, Samsung also redefined the rest of the phone's design by covering everything that is outside the screen with an additional housing – just like prototype cars hidden during street testing.

The basics are clear. The device looks like a standard smartphone at closure. It opens up as a book that will reveal another 7.3-inch screen, which would be one of the largest phone displays ever released. It will be enough to keep the three tracks one by one, on Samsun's two biggest smartphones.

The company said the screen could be switched hundreds of thousands of times. Samsung said it is also exploring screens that move and stretch, but these devices have not been reviewed.

Samsung plans to release a simulator that will help developers to write and test applications for folders and will host developer meetings to teach them how to write software for the device. The company works with Google and with its Android department on the basic software to power the foldable device. Glen Murphy, design director for Android on Google, spoke at the conference.

In October, Bloomberg News announced that the folding phone would be selling in the first quarter of 2019 before. Samsung confirmed on Wednesday that mass production of screens will begin in the coming months.

Samsung is not the first to test folders, but it is knowledge, acquisition and marketing of the power of the company in the form of mainstreem. Last year, ZTE Corp. announced a folding phone that gathered with reviewers. Earlier this week, the launch of consumer electronics sales Royole announced a similar device in China.

Samsung also showed a new software interface, called One UI, which includes simplified controls, new icons and more rounded corners. The new look is optimized for controlling devices with one thumb, and the need for screens becomes larger.

The interface will appear as an early trial version in the US, Germany and Korea this month, Samsung said. The software will officially launch on the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 in January.



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