Void Bastards is a Cel Shaded Spaceship Hopping Roguelite FPS


He comes from co-founder of the Iranian game Jonathan Chey and Blue Manchu there are some bold claims that Void Bastards, which is a "revolutionary new shooter strategy" in which you have thrown and an endless array of prisoners in the backyard spacecraft to cross the Sargasso Nebula.

The thing is, I've already seen some of these ideas (without removing it, whether the game is good or not). There is Roguelite's page in how each death sees you simply returning with a new prisoner under your control, with full-blown graphics and some rather funny look at the weapons remind me of Borderlands, while risk and reward in deciding when and how simply book the ticket, I want to play The Swindle again. It seems that all of his ideas, together with the freeformform Immersive Sim genre, which can be fun, and if it's polished and nicely adapted, it could be easy to watch when it's released.

Predicted in XO18 over the weekend, the game will come on PC and Xbox One at the beginning of 2019, and will be part of the Xbox Game Pass at the start.

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