Uber's first employee has been priced to make over $ 1 billion after the company's massive listing


  • Ryan Graves was Uber's first employee and briefly held the post before the founder Travis Calanick.
  • He is ready to become a billionaire after his debut on Friday.
  • However, he is part of a new set of early-tech employees who have committed to giving a share of his win-win to charity.
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Ryan Graves was Uber's first employee and standing to make over $ 1 billion (R14.2 billion) after the company & # 39; On Friday, the public is present at current prices. But the former CEO will not be the only one to see a Uber stock trading allowance.

Graves is one of the first elements of the Pool, a new initiative with charity: Water that allows early tech employees to donate or pay stock options in private companies before a major liquidity event. When the camp is swept through a public offering or acquisition, charity: water gets paid.

"The generous donors will provide a basic pipeline to our operation fund – which empowers our 100% model so that all public donations can go straight to clean water – giving us a new way to reward our hard-working team and continue to do so. Charity: Water is the best workplace for those who choose to work in the service of others, "Lauren Letta, Chief Operating Officer of Charity: Water, told Business Insider.

Mirror and cofucker Miguelic and Casper Coofunder are also professional members of the Pool. Wevek father of the We Company confidently filed in late April.

Uber priced at $ 45 ahead of Friday's public offering at a $ 75.5 billion initial market cap. Compared to water, water cannot confirm as many shades pledged or as much as it can get from the donation, but pool members are required to give a minimum of 1% of their holdings at a minimum, charity: water See over $ 14 million in Gravity donation at the set price.

Charity: Water said it plans to use funds to support operating costs as well as rent for its offices and employee salaries. Left over money will be used for annual bonus payments to eligible employees, a perk is often reserved for corporate workflows.

Scott Harrison founded charity: water in 2006 to solve the global water crisis by providing clean water to communities in need. The non-Profit operations are now funded by 133 people and families because it uses 100% of its public donations on projects in this field. Public donors can see exactly where their dollars are used with GPS coordinates and photos.

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