This deadly dog ​​disease has been discovered in Warwickshire


Dog owners have been shown to be vigilant after a highly contagious and potentially deadly virus was detected in Warwickshire.

There is warning in the wake of some confirmed cases of Parvovirus.

Parvovirus is a viral infection that is completely contagious and often causes death if left untreated.

The outbreak was confirmed around the shipyard-on-stour area and dog owners were urged to ensure their pets were vaccinated up-to-date.

The virus attacks a dog's intestines and stops them from being able to absorb vital nutrients.

Parvovirus warning is issued by Avonvale Veterinary Centers.

Mark Taylor, a clinical director at Avonvale, said: "Parvovirus can affect dogs of all seeds and age and abroad through direct contact or infected feces.

"Affected dogs can even distribute the virus after recovery for up to eight weeks.

"Symptoms include fever, lethargy, lack of appetite, uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea, often with blood."

Mr. Taylor added: "Unfortunately, the virus is highly resistant and can remain in the environment for many months outside.

"It is important to spread the word about this virus so that more dog owners can be aware of its severity, take precautions and be able to spot these symptoms."

How to prevent it

The best way to protect against parvovirus is to have dogs vaccinated as puppies, with an additional booster vaccination usually done in one year of age.

Treatment of parvovirus is designed to support a dog's immune system and help its body become strong enough to fight off the disease.

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Mr Taylor said: "If you think your dog is showing no symptoms of parvovirus, get in touch with your local veterinarian straight away.

"There is an Instant Test that can be done on a faulty sample or swab, so treatment can be started immediately," added the market.

Avonvale Veterinary Centers have branches in Warwick, Stratford, Kenilworth, Southam, Wellesbourne, Heathcote and Cubbington.

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