The new book follows the journey of humanity with 14 billion years


November 9, 2018 – Wildtype Books published 10-on-10 Sydney Brenner's The Chronicles of Evolution, a richly illustrated volume that brings readers to a glamorous tour through 14 billion years of evolutionary history from the beginnings of the universe to the rise of humanity and forward.

The opening of Nobel laureate Sydney Brenner, the pioneer of genetics, who discovered how to read the code of life, provides an insight into 24 prominent thinkers on how people have found their place in space.

Walk through ten logarithmic scales of time from the Big Threshold (10 ^ 10 years ago) to the present (10 ^ 1 years), which encompasses the appearance of multicultural life forms, the development of man and the emergence of language, culture and technology.

Among the world's leading experts who contributed to the book are:
* Molecular Biology Pioneer and Nobel Prize winner Sydney Brenner, who studies genomes and their development;
Nobel laureate Jack Szostak, who studies the origin of biological life;
* Paleogeneticsist Svante Pääbo, whose laboratory has sequenced the genomes of neanderthals, denizens, and other early humans;
* W. Brian Arthur, an expert on the complexity economy, whose research focuses on the social and economic effects of technology and innovation; in
* Public intellectual Helga Nowotny, who is studying the intersection of science, technology and society.

"This wonderful anthropocentric and chronocentric book throws ten diaries on the fiery topics of evolution," said Professor George's Church at Harvard University. "We need to read – besides Hawking's Short History of Time and Bryson's short history of almost everything."


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