The ex of Matthew Perry claims that she was sent to get him drugs while pregnant


Actor Matthew Perry’s ex-girlfriend Katie Edwards has made a shocking revelation that she was sent on his behalf to drug dealers, to seize him cocaine, heroin and cracks, all while she was pregnant.

According to Katie, Matthew felt that “no one will pull a pregnant girl”, so she was sent to get the illegal drugs.

“I was like five months pregnant, I got down and get stuff for it. He [would say]’No one will pull a pregnant girl. Do not worry ‘, she revealed to The sun.

Katie briefly dated the Friend Star in the 2000s and remained in contact after their breakup.

Matthew, who has struggled with addiction for decades, was in rapid succession in 2011. Therefore, he set up deals where she would be sent off to collect the stash for money in return.

“We would open the bag, once it was pills, cocaine, once it was heroin and crack, it was just like a smorgasbord, you never knew what you were going to get,” she said.

Speaking about why she continues to feed herself in his addiction, she said he would emotionally blackmail her and basically wanted him to stop “wandering around the streets” and potentially be caught by police or paparazzi.

“I look back and think, ‘what kind of friend was I?’ [But] I wanted to help him, “she said.

“He would give me this guilt trip like, ‘if you do not get me this, I just go there myself and go downtown.’ I was like, ‘No, no, no, I’ll just do it for you.’ “Because I do not want him to be in his mind to A, his driving, and B, his wandering around the streets … it was a little weird, our relationship is toxic. I can not say no.”

“I earned all that money. I just had to drive, pick it up, bring it, boom, three times a day, sometimes I earned like $ 3,000- $ 4,000 a day. He would always say to me, ‘Money.’ Is no object. ‘I was like,’ Oh my God. ‘”

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