‘The coming week will be historic.’ England due to start mass vaccinating patients on Tuesday


A volunteer receives an experimental vaccination for the coronavirus in a clinical trial at the University of Maryland’s medical school.

  • England will begin administering COVID-19 vaccinations starting Tuesday, December 8th.
  • The National Health Service (NHS) said in an official statement that the first people to receive the vaccine would be people over the age of 80, care home workers, and NHS workers who are at “higher risk.”
  • The first batch of vaccinations will be carried out in hospitals around the country, with GPI Surgery starting to administer injections starting the week beginning December 14th.
  • When more doses of the vaccine become available, the NHS plans to place mass injection centers in sporting venues and conference spaces.
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The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has released details of its official release of the pesticide and biontech vaccine, which will begin early next week.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “Next week will be a historic moment as we begin vaccination against COVID-19.

“We prioritize the most vulnerable first and over 80s, care home staff and NHS colleagues will all be among the first to receive the vaccines.”

The United Kingdom has become the first country to allow Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, which Pfizer says is 95% effective.

The NHS said vaccinations would begin on Tuesday and that the first “wave” of injections would be carried out in 50 hospital hubs.

“People aged 80 and over, as well as care-home workers, will first receive the push, along with NHS workers who are at higher risk,” the NHS said in a statement.

The NHS said patients aged 80 and over, who are already in hospital as outpatients or being sent home after a hospital stay, would be among the first to receive the vaccine. Hospitals will also allow over 80s to come in for a push and talk to home care providers about vaccinating their staff.

“All appointments not used for these groups will be used for healthcare workers who are at highest risk of serious illness from COVID,” the NHS said.

The NHS said patients would need to return for a booster 21 days after the first injection.

“Despite the huge complexities, hospitals will be the first phase of the largest scale vaccination campaign in our country’s history since Tuesday, a statement said.

“The NHS has a strong track record of delivering major vaccination programs – from flu shots, HPV vaccines and life-saving MMR sticks – to hard-working staff will once again raise the challenge of protecting the most vulnerable people from the terrible disease,” he added.

The NHS said that next week – starting December 14th – a small number of Jeep surgeons would begin administering the vaccination. Eventually, the exhibit of the vaccination will include large vaccination centers in sporting venues and conference spaces, according to the NHS press release.

Pfizer told the BBC on Wednesday, December 2, that the United Kingdom will receive 800,000 doses of the vaccine next week – meaning the first wave of two-shot vaccinations will be enough for about 400,000 people.

In total, the UK has ordered approximately 40 million doses, which means that it will have enough to vaccinate 20 million of its population of 66.7 million.

The UK was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, Friday recording over 60,000 total deaths. Counting all the deaths where coronavirus was mentioned on the death certificate, the UK has surpassed 75,000.

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