Shots fired! Butu Slams & # 39; Trumps & # 39; Malema to US There. Audience [video]


Trevor Noah has put the cats among some soon-to-be angry pigeons on Friday after he tackled the nuances of South African elections with him. Daily Show Audience. Unsuspecting viewers got their first message from Julius Malema, and Nidl had to say many of them were stunned.

Neu has never nailed his colors to the mastic before, but we doubt you'll see him in a red beret any time soon. His two-minute Takedown from Juhu appeared on the Palestinian Palestinian for miserable headlines and even showed a clip of Malema, who asked police to "open fire on parliament" on Sunday.

Trevor Noah vs. Julius Malema: It's On!

All eyes were on this issue this week during our sixth democratic elections. As a former resident of Soveto, Travel Noah is no stranger to discussing all matters of domestic affairs, including politics. In fact, he is chilling with Parliament Ramafosa only a couple of months ago.

Well, perhaps Cyril has bent on Trevor's ear, because he is far from compelling Julius Malema. Noah joked that the leader "talks about genocide as he talks about remodeling his kitchen":

"South Africa also has a popular, anti-political election in this election. His name is Julius Malema. And if you think trump is bad, wait until you see how he treats the press."

"He simply talked about genocide as he talks about remodeling his kitchen! He is like & # 39; maybe I'll break down the wall and change the cabinets and kill all the white people …"

Daily show host Trebor Noah on Julius Malema

Juju tuned on The daily show

As well as referring to Sunday's rally, Travor Noah also bore Julius Malema's now infamous TRT Interview, where he said, had not called the white people "at least for now".

The publication eventually made its way to the South African Human Rights Commission, which had to decide whether or not the challenged statement constituted hate speech. Eugene was eventually let off the hook, but Neu did not make any favors for the political union and his reputation.

Watch Trevor Noah discusses Julius Malema on The daily show Here:

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