Queen Elizabeth may go to a ‘half-retirement’

The future of Queen Elizabeth II’s kingdom has a bigger question mark than the last since those days.

And although it remains unclear whether Her Majesty will hand over her throne to her son Prince Charles, the former heir to the throne claims that she could go for a ‘half-retirement.’

Grant Harrold, Charles’ former butler, spoke to Express UK and said she could “hand over the reins of the monarchy in name only” to Charles.

“I doubt very much that the Queen will refuse when she made the people and commands a promise in 1947. As she is a traditionalist, I do not see how she breaks that promise,” he said.

“It is possible that she could hand over more duties, relinquish patronages of the charities of which she is still patron, or even enter into a half-retirement and hand over the reins of monarchy in full name to her son Prince Charles. “Because I am our monarchy, I believe it will not change until she dies,” he continued.

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