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My dad became my 1 fan


Cape Town – How South African Prepare to Celebrate Father's Day on Sunday, Protein Bowl Ngidi's lung, Shared
His story about leaving his father, Jerome, just last year, just like the 1.93m high speed speedster made his international career.

"He became my number one fan, though he knew
Nothing about cricket, "recalls Niggid.

"I used to disappear every Saturday – he
Did not know where I went until he followed me one day and discovered I was
watching cricket.

"Losing him as my career just took off is difficult
Challenge and Hurdle In life I had to face me in order to get to where I am
Today, he added.

"My celebration when I take a Vikit has a special one
Meaning as well. Everything I do, I just try to make him proud where he is.
He told me that as long as I did my best, that's all that matter and hopefully
It's good enough. "

Family plays a huge role in niggling careers
Often get rid of the limelight by getting together with loved ones. He
It refers to it as a certain zone.

Ngidy is currently on the sidelines after picking
A hamstring strain against Bangladesh in the prosthesis second
Exit from the Cricket World Cup.

"If I can pinpoint the things that cause them
Freaky injuries then at least I could rectify, however. At this moment, it happens
Of all, said KwaZulu-Natal-born stars.

"I injured myself while I was down
To keep a ball. Perhaps I should keep diving, "he cherished.

Having been in and out of the physiotherapist's
Rooms in the past, Niggie is also familiar with the way to recovery
Ensures that he listens to his body when something goes wrong.

"If you're in the work, you start to trust
Your body again. But if you cut corners and do not do what you were
Do get to the top of the physical condition, then it is challenging. "

"I also trust my body to come back from injury
Because the training and physio go with him is a killer! ", He

On his relationship with fellow Pasma Kagiso Rabada, Native American believes "& # 39; Was a great help when it comes to guiding him
The field in different stages of the game.

"We have a lot closer to playing together
In international cricket. He is very relaxed and will never remind us
Overlook certain situations. He is there long enough for the game
Situation and bowling strategy so that it helps me great business, "he concludes.

The proteas are further in action in a must-win match against Afghanistan in Cardiff on Saturday. The first ball is due to be bowed at 2:30 pm season.

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