Matthew McConaughey Nominated Idris Elba for the sexiest man in the past year


Idris Elba, who got the title Sexiest Man Alive, could not come soon for the majority of the population who in the past demanded victory. And especially one is superfan, who will be impressed with this year's champion: his Dark Tower Costar and 2005 the sexiest man alive, Matthew McConaughey, who in the summer of 2017 got a good word for Elbo during a visit to PEOPLE.

"Here is one of us who has not yet gotten," he laughed. "And I know that once you passed around your three heads, it's probably time."

At the time, Elba was shocking McConaughey's nomination and joked: "I see the most sexy man pulling himself to the end …", which McConaughey explained to him: "No, no, I'm still alive. It's about this crown , you get it by the day you leave this earth. And if you are a believer, you take it to your next life. "

Elba thanked his friend for his early support when the image was turned between the recording. "Matthew, you called him," he says. "I think you knew … Thanks, it's an honor to be part of the group."

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