Malema: there will be casualties, possible loss of life in the fight against Gordhan "

The latest episode in the current drama between the Minister for Economic Freedom and the public company Pravda Gordan was held on Tuesday outside the state park for capturing Parktown.

He dealt with his chosen members, the head of the EFF, Julius Malema, accusing Gordhana of "hating Africans".

According to Malema, Gordhana's hatred – and especially for him – came from the time when he asked former President Jacob Zuma why "minorities" were always the priority in appointing candidates for the post of finance minister.

"Since then it has been obvious that I do not like the Law, but his hatred does not end. Now Pravin went to all state entities and removed all black excellence because he hates black people," Malema said.

Gordhana has accused him of "fought against the dirty" against those who threatened him with "plundering, which is much larger than the plundering that Gupta had done."

"When you fight against Rule, you have to be ready … there will be casualties … there might be a whole life," Malema said.

The EFF president accused Gordhan of being in the same league with "white monopoly capitalists Johann Rupert and Oppenheimer," but he persuaded his supporters to "not fear the whites" and "act with them."

Prior to that, Gordhan, earlier in the day, encouraged anyone during the testimony, who proved that his guilt had appeared before the commission and made an affirmative oath.

In contrast to the beliefs of EFF and Black First Land, Gordhan first said that the minister was a "call" with him, not a business.

"I have never been a party to capture the state, as those outside this forum would like to believe. I have never been manipulated by anyone [in order to do them any favours] or I have decided for my own benefit, "said Gordhan.

Malema challenged Gordan to all those who wonder why it is Pravin [Gordhan] ugly because they came from the same tree, called ANC. They are in the same WhatsApp group with Jacob Zuma. "

Malema said that the ANC implicated and this was due to a lack of principles within the party.

"Today Dali Mpofu is representing supra Mahumapelo in the ANC faction in the court. We are happy that such things happen, because this creates confusion in the ruling party," Malema said.

He also added that in challenging Gordhana, the EFF sought to disclose corruption in the ANC and thus "collapse" the ruling party.

But he claimed that EFF had no personal bones that he could choose with Gordhan.

"We are fighting against monopoly capital, Zuma stood between us and the white monopoly capital, so we had to remove Zuma. Our attack on Pravin is an attack on white monopoly capital, because Pravin is a dog of a monopoly of capital. We will defeat it until the master taking into account what we have to say, "Malema said.

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