Madikizela blames the delay in the Salt River social apartment on Brett Herron


YES Western captain Bonginkosi Madikizel explained at a press conference Thursday a concern about the delay in a social housing project in the Salt River.

Madikizela said that the project was not blocked and was only detained due to a number of concerns raised by the DA group, reports GroundUp.

The members of the group for residential activists who took over the city and Ndifuna Ukwazi stuck outside the seat of Western Cape after they were forbidden to enter.

Their songs and songs could be heard in the conference hall. They protested what they think is insufficient YES action in providing affordable housing near the city center.

The encounter began with Madikizel's attraction in order to "record straight". He disputed the allegations that DA was "racist" due to the delay in the project.

Madikizela blamed Brett Herrone, a former member of the Town Council Development Committee, who was a loud supporter of housing subsidies near the city center – not just because of the delay in landing the Salt River site, but in previous cases where the city failed the social housing plan.

"We started developing abroad," he said. "Now you know very well what stopped this development forensic investigation against Brett," Madikizela said.

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He told reporters that DA was not responsible for the closure of social housing in the cities.

"These are the people who left this party … [that have] City citizens have done a lot of damage. "

Madikizela advocated the projects of social housing in the city, which are in progress, although none in the city failed.

"If you look at our entire gas pipeline, it clearly states the commitment of this government [to social housing]. "

The president of the DA Metro Grant Twigg blamed Herren that the future of the Salt River development is even more uncertain.

"At the next meeting, I would like to say that we would have all the information, but the person that we should give it is gone," he said.

Ward Salt River Advisor Dave Bryant also denied that he was divided to facilitate access to low-income housing Capetonians.

"I did not find a single councilor in the YA Assembly, who ever stopped and said that they oppose a well-placed, affordable apartment in the center of the city."

Bryant said the Directorate of Urban Transport and Development is combining a portfolio of social housing projects in Woodstock and Salt River.

"The challenges are not the projects themselves. Our challenge is the speed at which these things are developed (social housing projects)".

"Disposal … should actually come to our entire world in March, but it came to us in October," he said.

Karen Hendricks protested outside an informative meeting, along with several dozen colleagues who returned to the city of protesters. Three months ago, Hendricks was emigrated from her home in Woodstock. She currently lives in an illegal occupation led by Reclaim the City at Woodstock Hospital.

"Affordable Housing"

Hendricks told GroundUp: "The Salt River Market website should be the first website to be developed for affordable housing."

"As a person living in Woodstock, Salt River, and is part of a larger movement of people, I think this project is long overdue," she said.

In the report, Bryant admitted: "Many of these projects were unfortunately too long."

But YES is guilty of alleged mistakes made by former saints. Madikizela said: "It's true … very little has been done in terms of developing the city."

He said that development took time.

"This development is in different stages. Many people would know that a year or two is not required for the construction of houses."

Herron and Communicare challenged the reasons given by the DA to delay the Salt River project.

Herron said: "This project has a long history, too much time has come for this. And if the state prosecutor could show the state that he committed what she said in her manifesto and its policies, she decided to send it back. "(Read more about it here.)

"It is disappointing that in Cape Town this political party still maintains the spatial heritage of apartheid," one protestant said after a press conference.

"We do not want to be displaced anymore," said Hendricks.

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