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Le Clos demands & # 39; Rio Olympic Gold & # 39; From & # 39; Doping & # 39; Son


Gwangju – Four-Time Olympic Medalist Chad le Clos Said his opinion on China's Sun Yang Competing in this year FINA World Championships In Gwangju, South Korea.

San is competing under a clouding cloud, following a report reported by FINA that he has hit blood samples with a hammer, as he has been visited in tester last year.

The 27-year-old was also banned in 2014 for three months by the Chinese Swimming Association for Doping.

The son's appearance in South Korea has fired his animation from swimmers notable from the Briton Duncan Scott and the Australian Mack Horton, who have condemned the son during the 400m freestyle and 200m freestyle medal ceremonies.

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After his 200m butterfly semi-final race on Tuesday, La Clos stated that he wanted to be upgraded from his finish to the Rio Olympics.

In 2016, Le Clos took the silver in the 200m freestyle for men and lost in San 0.55 seconds.

"It's good that people are taking a stand," Le Clos said AFP In guangju.

"I want my Gold Medal back from Rio and (Fourth-placed) James Guy to get his bronze, because it shouldn't be allowed to have people cheating in sports."

The South African swimmer is also on the pitch and commented on Horton's medal ceremony snub on Sunday.

"Tonight the finals and medal ceremonies were so crazy, what would have thought? Great to see people standing,"Le Clos wrote.

South Africa's team has yet to pay a medal this year's FINA World Championships.

Le Clos will be hoping to place South Africa on the medal waist when he competes in the final of the 200m butterfly for men on Friday.

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