How we dealt with De Lille has a negative impact on the campaign


The DA said one of the reasons that may have led to voters' no votes was his handling of his dispute with former Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lil.

Good party leader Patricia de Lille enters an election in Cape Town. Picture: @forgoza / Twitter

AUCKLAND PARK – The Gauteng Democratic Alliance (DA) had the party dealt with the former mayor of Cape Town Patricia de Lille, which had a negative impact on his campaign.

It was one of the reasons why voters could not vote.

Former Mayor of Solomon Solimang, a resident of Gauteng's premier, said his party could have done better.

"As we handled the Lille issue, it has its own negative impact on our campaign."

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But he believed that he still had a chance of stealing the victory.

The results of Gauteng's three great metros are still coming in, with African National Congress securing an uncomfortable lead.

Over 80% of the weapons of the province have been completed and it remains to be seen whether Mimima's just-fetched dream of becoming Gauteng Premier could be true.

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