Here are the 345 skills in high demand in South Africa

The Department of Higher Education and Training has published the National List of Occupations in High Demand for 2020.

The document details the occupations that have been identified as a great demand on the national level.

“It is intended to inform decision-making in relation to a wide range of issues that include, among others, education and training,” the department said.

The department added that the main purpose of the list was to improve the territorial education system to address the needs of the South African economy.

The list is reviewed every two years unless it is deemed necessary to do so earlier.

“The Department of Higher Education will publish its next list of occupations in high demand in 2022,” the department said.

Occupations in high demand

This section defines the occupations in the list as follows:

Occupations in high demand refer to those occupations that show relatively high employment growth based on past, present and future trends and which are now in short supply.

Specifically, these occupations are in high demand if they:

  • Have shown relatively strong employment growth over recent years;
  • Shows currently relatively strong employment growth;
  • Are expected to show relatively strong employment growth in the future;
  • Have been identified as a shortage 1 in the labor market; Or
  • Are new and are expected to emerge in the near future as a result of innovation, technological advances, the development of new industries, or government’s strategic priorities.

South Africa has a considerable shortage of skilled professionals, a deficit which is exacerbated by the regular emigration of graduates to other countries.

“As you know, South Africa continues to face devastating and deepening levels of unemployment,” the department said.

“Mismatches of skills, ‘real and perceived, are widely regarded as constraining economic growth and development, and a barrier to social inclusion and poverty reduction.’

“Therefore, it is imperative to identify skills needs in South Africa and ensure that education and training, at all levels, respond to the needs of the economy,” it said.

The list of occupations

The 2020 list of high-demand occupations includes 345 occupations, listed in the tables.

Occupations are highlighted as follows:

  • Green – Expected to recover relatively quickly from the impact of COVID-19, or shows signals of increased labor demand due to COVID-19.
  • Not highlighted – Expected to recover within a moderate time frame from the impact of COVID-19, or job demand is not expected to change because of COVID-19.
  • Red – Expected to recover slowly from the impact of COVID-19, or shows signals of decreased labor demand due to COVID-19.

Below the full list of occupations defined by the government as a requirement for 2020.

High demand skills long


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