Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik took daughter to the ‘perfect place’ before Thanksgiving

American supermodel Gigi Hadid and British singer Zayn Malik are ready to celebrate their first Thanksgiving with their daughter.

And when the holiday approaches, the parents seem to have big plans for the day to mark this occasion in a special away after the arrival of their bundle of joy.

A source spilled the details of their plans too HollywoodLifeSaying the family of three could move to Hadid Farm in Pennsylvania.

Gigi plans to celebrate the holidays with Zayn at his mom’s farm in Pa. This is perfect because his property is also right there, and they all love to be in one place together, ”explains the insider.

They further said that the family finds the property quite peaceful, because: “They are surrounded by animals and nature, and this only allows them to turn away from everything. The farm is the family’s happy place. It is where they usually choose to celebrate holidays, birthdays and special occasions. “

It was further revealed that his son’s mother Trisha – who is visiting the new parents – was also related to Gigi and her mother Yolanda.

“Gigi and Yolanda also enjoy Zayn’s mother, Trisha’s company. “Yolanda and Trisha can not get enough of Gigi and Zayn’s adorable little girl and it makes Gigi’s heart melt seeing both daughter grandmothers putting over her,” the source said.

“The ladies have also enjoyed a day of shopping together and have just been relaxing a bit,” the grape said, adding that she “feels happy and could not be happier that both families were able to get together at this time.”

Another source revealed: “She feels grateful to have her city life and her country life. She really has the best of both worlds. ”

“Right now, living on the farm in Pennsylvania is the best job for her. To be adjusted to living as a new mom with her mom there to help with everything is such a blessing,” they added.

“This has always been Gigi’s favorite time of the year, and now that she’s had her baby girl, this is the best one yet,” said the insider.

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