Game of Thrones time 8 still had to answer these 6 questions


I don't know about you but I'm a little worried. There are only two episodes of Game of Thrones Season 8, and showrunners have a ton of questions they need to address.

At this stage in the game (see what I did?) I doubt they will have enough time to tie up all the loose ends. Let's look at some urgent questions we need answers.

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Spoilers Game of Thrones Time 8

Game of Thrones Time 8 – Pressing questions

Will denounce go full & # 39; crazy Queen & # 39 ;?

Deneis Tarargareen is a solitary figure. She's lost Jorah, big chunks of her army, and she's down to just one dragon. To ad insult to injure, she is also just seeing Missinda cut down in front of her eyes.

All this while dealing with knowledge that she no longer has the strongest claim to the iron throne. So far, there have been a lot of signs that Danny is teetering. It is not unwise to say that she is at a crossroads, without a lot of people left to help her get rid of it & # 39; crazy king & # 39; Young people.

It's a dangerous time for everyone around the Queen, and I recommend tyranny and wary traffic carefully, so that their plotting may be the straw that breaks the dragon's back, so to speak. If you're still not persuading, watch:

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Will we never get & # 39; KelganBowl & # 39;

It seems like this is a bit less of a mystery. The Heath and Aria have left Winterfell, and it seems to be a deadly safety now that the mountain and mountain will finally show off.

Recall when they are up in time 7 in King's landing? The Hound tells the Mountain in so many words that his days are number. If he does not cripple Aria and get back to death again, that is.

"Remember me? Yeah, you do. You're even [expletive] uglier how I am now. What did they do to you? It doesn't matter. That's not how it ends for you, brother. You know who's coming for you. You have always shown. "

The Hounds to the Moutain.

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Who will sit on the iron throne?

The night king was defeated by halfway through the final season, and left us with 3 episodes to determine the future of the Iron Throne. Now with 2 episodes, Cersei seems to be in the driving seat.

Deneis & # 39; army is disseminated after Kaysei neglected the threat of her dragons. Add to that the fact that even Domenis closest advisers are beginning to turn on you.

It is hard to see how Danny and the Northern People can continue to snap long enough to take on the Lanister army, Euron's fleet and the Golden corporate chapters. Good thing the elephants were behind.

Is Euron kaky enough to issue chaise?

It is the same wildcard, though, while Ulon played the role of the physician, he was cut-throat, and he wanted to be careful.

I'll be surprised if he sits and waits for his part of power with diplomacy. It just doesn't seem like something that someone who believes in the "iron price" would do.

Surely he needs to do quarrel out of principle? We have to see how this unfolds. Can we add that TV-Euron, when compared to the books, is a bit boring? But this is a debate for another day.

Who will kill that other wild queen, Kersei lanister?

Arya? Tirion? Jamie? Your encounter is as good as mine, but these are the top contenders for a number of reasons. Sarei is on Aria's list and Aria's biggest enemy. Recall that Melisandre said Aria would shut down "green eyes."

Tion killed his father and serseie is convinced – thanks to Maggie's Frog Proprietorship – that Tirion is the younger brother who will kill. So, Jaime is even younger, even if only a few seconds. My money is on Jaime or Aria.

Kaysei is a human goal, and it's just a matter of managing to get it first and not having their head squeezed like a grape by the mountain.

Will you see Aria actually using her super duper faceless people powers?

She has already saved the world by killing the night king. Was she going to have another part to play to bring peace to the realm?

And if it does, can we all just agree to forget all the climbs to an ugly chair and just put you in charge of everything?

This, of course, is hardly a complete list. I also want to know what Podrik has to do with the women, and if the hound never gets the door chickens. He didn't use the word & # 39; darn. & # 39; I'm just being polite.

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