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FNB noted that over 60,000 of its customers have registered for the parent in the two weeks since the bank participated in the platform.

The entertainment offers two-for-one discounts at a variety of venues, from restaurants and beauty salons to gyms and hotels, for the duration of 2019.

Users of the Offender App usually pay an annual fee of R495 per city. However, FNB and RMB private bank customers do not need to pay the annual fee for the year.

FNB added that it will explore future discounted subscription fees based on customer adaptation and service usage over the course of this year.

"This is a value-added service that makes our customers go further," eBucks rewards CEO Johan Moolman.

"We recognize the unstable economic conditions we live in, where our customers are forced to be fraudulent when it comes to leisure activities."

"This exciting partnership with the Entner allows our customers to enjoy doing the things they love while making the most of their budgets," Molman said.

To use the Entertainer, customers must be eBucks rewards members and have installed the latest version of the FNB app.

They can then log in to the Ubuntu app, navigate to the waiter under the eBucks Rewards menu, and follow the prompts to register.

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