France finds Covid-19 in mink in one farm; 1,000 mink to be cold

Mink infected with coronavirus have been found in a farm in the Er-et-Loire region of western France, and 1,000 mink in the farm will be cold, the French Ministry of Agriculture said Sunday.

Cases of mink have also been reported elsewhere in Europe, notably in Sweden, Greece and the Netherlands.

In Denmark, the virus was mutated at a different strain, which experts fear could make a vaccine less effective if it is transmitted back to humans. There should be cold around 17 million mink.

France started testing its four mink farms in mid-November.

“At this stage, tests have shown that the virus is circulating in a Euro-et-Loire farm,” the ministry said. “A second farm is unoccupied. Tests are still underway in the last two farms, with results expected this week.”

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