Facebook needs to be broken – co-founder


Facebook Co-founder Chris Hughes wrote an op-ed The New York Times claims that social media giants must be broken by regulators.

According to US, the biggest problem with Facebook's dominance is the resulting control over speech, which when combined with Zuckerberg's 60% voting power makes it too powerful.

"Mark is a good, kind man. But I'm angry that his focus on growth has led him to offer security and security for clicks," said Hughes.

"There is no prospect of his ability to monitor, organize and even censor conversations of 2 million people."

Hughes left Facebook in 2007 to join Barack Obama's successful election campaign, and got rid of all his Facebook shares in 2012.

However, he said he still had responsibility for why he would hurt the injury caused by Facebook to the public discourses, saying he was disappointed "in the early days, Facebook team for nothing more about how the News Feed Algorithm could Change our culture, influence of elections and empower nationalist leaders ".

Facebook VPN of Global Issues and Communications Nick Clegg has told CNBC in response: "Facebook accepts that with accountability comes accountability, but you do not perform accountability for the destruction of a successful American company."

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