Drake Unveils New Private Plane Air Drake & # 39;


Air Drake

Drake is flying high.

The rapper will no longer have to travel with business airlines now that he has his own private jet. Taken to Instagram, Drizzy revealed his new drive, a giant 767 dubbed "Air Drake" which houses two bedrooms and features its praying hands logo on the tail.

"No rental, no timeshare, not co-owners," says Drake, who is emotional as he admires his pricey purchase at an airport hangar.

He also confirmed his friend Ajay Varmani, President and CEO of CargoJet Airways, who facilitated the deal. According to the blast, Drake and the Canadian businessman go back. "That guy made it happen right there. That's the man," he says about Virmany.

And his extravagant drive did not come cheap. The range is typically around $ 75 to $ 100 million.

"Nothing was the same for real," dragon captioned the video.

Friends with Bun B, Slim Thug, Tiesto, and Dj hailed congratulated him on his baller stroke. "I remember you telling me this 2 years ago, Wow congrats my brother," said Holed.

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