Chris Darden withdraws from Nypezia Hussal Murder Case


Christopher Darden, the lawyer, represented Nippy Hussle's alleged Assassin Eric Holder, is quitting the case.

Darren, a former city prosecutor of the OJ. Simpson's murder trial, filed a motion to withdraw as holder's defense attorney further death threats to him and his family.

"I can't understand why in 2019, some people would suffer a black man's 6 amendment due to Advisor of his choice," Darden writes at a Facebook post. "Or why not have a person need to be involved not only against me but against my children."

While he did not discover the exact reasons behind his withdrawal ("I don't know if I will explore them later or not"), he had a message for those who threatened his life and his family. "To those who issued the threats to my children please pay close attention so there is no misunderstanding. Later. Fuck Yo!" He says. "As for me, I continue to thrive. I continue to be loved. I continue to go with kings, and I will continue my pursuit of righteousness and righteousness on behalf of my clients and others charged with crimes."

Darden's decision to defend the holder was controversial, receiving backlash from the hip-hop community. But that did not sway him. "I will continue my pursuit of equity and justice on behalf of my clients and others charged with crimes," he adds. "Another 25 years some of them have not yet learned: their lies and threats will never deter me from my mission."

He has heard Freedom Friday in the courtroom, which Darten says, will be the last time he has made an appearance in the courtyard.

Last month, Holder was arrested and charged with one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder, and one court of competition from a firearm through a treacherous post-fatal shooting from Nypsey outside of his Marathon clothing store.

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