Chinese company pays $ 618m back to transnet, more expected


State-owned freight rail company Transnet was paid back 618m through a Chinese company that found a maintenance deal with in 2016.

This, as the Transnational Personnel, said on Thursday that the state-owned entity is determined to recoup the company overpaid in a past major locomotive dealt with corruption and cost inflation allegations.

In a media briefing Mullef also told reporters that Transnet had issued summons to a number of former top executives who allegedly implied in years of mismanagement.

The recuperation of the R618m fare was first reported by AMAHBHUNGANA on Thursday afternoon.

Many later, Finn 24 said that the Chinese rail supplier CRRC E-Loco had agreed to return the R700m it was paid as a locomotive maintenance trade in 2016.

"They already paid, which was still outstanding for the VAT, they were paid 700m, but they paid R618. We have a commitment from them that they will pay the VAT, but they have paid the net. "Molefe.

The R618m was a tax expense for a much greater maintenance contract.

Molefe said that the overseas would include a meeting with another company, the China South Rail, and would use this meeting to initiate substantive negotiations to recover further funds.

"They have started this month, but of course, we will not be available in a board level, we will expect this to deal with the management of the planning, under which the discussions take place," Molefe said.

About McKinsey and Regiments, two companies also named Saga, which grasped Eskom's state-of-the-art power, Moulfe's talks to recover money are continuing. McKinsey said he was more disgusting than regiments.

"We are still talking about Mekinsii, the situation for us is different from what it is in Eskom, they really work for us, and we need to look at those aspects that they overpaid. For a long time and they don't seem to them. To be serious, "he said.

Asked to respond to Remarks made Thursday by former Transnet CEO Bryan Molephe's challenge to him was "frivolous", Popo Maufef was the only actor on allegations of impropriety as the public expected.

"I can say that Brian Mollefé has nothing to hide. It's nice when he gets to court it will be up to him to prove that I'm more than happy to check with our lawyers to see if anything comes from his advocates," Said Popo Maufef.

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